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Value Added Services in the world of e-payments a is further step towards the evolution of POS  devices from point of sale to point of services, meaning that the terminal is no longer a simple  payment device but also an access point for a multitude of other services i.e. Mobile Airtime, Bill  Payments, Funds Transfer.

In order to expand VAS penetration in the Nigerian market, Globasure Technologies has  partnered with Nigeria’s most prestigious bank UBA to rollout it’s VAS solution on all UBA  Globasure supported POS terminals nationwide. The VAS solution provides the end user with a  facility to pay bills, recharge phones, transfer money and lots more.

Globasure also provides automatic reporting for merchants for a better monitoring of cash.  Globasure architecture is based on a customized browser. The applications access the VAS, so no software installation or POS configuration is required.  All updates on the POS terminal will be done remotely. The service is provided centrally just like a usual Web Application. The terminals can access a wide portfolio of services such as loyalty, mobile top-ups, and so on, whilst still keeping the POS payment features.

The VAS solution is developed and updated in real time on the server. Globasure itself manages operations performed on the terminals with maximum flexibility. Services are provided centrally and any change is immediately accessible to all the terminals when connected.

This VAS solution rollout on UBA POS terminals is just one of many new innovative solutions that Globasure will be releasing to the African market in the coming months.

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