UBA: Fast Lane Banking (POS@Branch)

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is Africa's global bank.

UBA was looking to improve process of withdrawal/deposit processes at their branches, to offer more convenient service to their customers, with higher level of security and increased transaction time turnaround.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales


United Bank for Africa (UBA) offers their customers a slip method of withdrawing/depositing funds from their savings/current account with the bank. The customer needs to fill a withdrawal/deposit slip and give it to the operations staff. The staff then calls up the customer’s details within the banking application, and identifies the customer. This method of verification depends solely on the judgment of the Teller Officer who decides whether to execute the transaction or not. Another drawback to the above method of verification is the long queue of customers in the banking halls.


The POS @ Branch solution requires every customer to use his debit card for identification in order to complete transactions. This method is more reliable in terms of security; it is also more efficient and improves transaction turnaround. UBA debit cards are chip based and PIN protected, which brings higher level of security into the process. Instead of filling a slip, the customer is uses his card to identify himself. Based on the information retrieved from the card, and customer authentication by PIN verification on POS terminal, the system is able to unequivocally identify the person and allows the teller staff to efficiently execute required transactions.


Faster transaction turnaround in the banking hall.

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