Globasure Partners with EasyFuel to Provide PTSP Services to the Nigerian Banks

  • December 26, 2011
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Globasure is partnering with EasyFuel (a licensed Payment Terminal Service Provider – PTSP) to provide PTSP Services to the banks that are buying Ingenico terminals. Under this partnership, Globasure will be handling the deployment of the POS terminals at merchants sites as well as the training of the merchants.

This partnership is necessary to ensure that the POS terminals are deployed accurately and according to the Ingenico standards. In addition to our role in the partnership above, we provide other services that the PTSP services do not cover.  Such services include:

Repairs: We handle POS diagnosis, repairs, part replacement, and refurbishing.
Swap Services: Should a terminal need to be replaced due to a technical fault, Globasure will provide and configure a replacement terminal.
Spare Parts Sales: We stock and sell spares for all Ingenico terminals.
Application Development/VAS Services: We develop both payment and non-payment applications on Ingenico terminals. We also handle VAS application development/services.
Consumables:  Merchant Cleaning Kit and Paper Rolls: We supply high quality consumables (e.g. paper rolls, merchant cleaning/maintenance kit)  to ensure optimal performance of the POS.

  • Merchant Cleaning Kit: The Ingenico Merchant Cleaning Kit is designed specifically to remove pollutant buildup from the read mechanisms, chassis and keypads of all types of Ingenico terminals. Developed as an easy and effective means of quickly removing potentially damaging contaminants safely from the card reader’s read mechanism; the Ingenico Cleaning Card is the only cleaning card approved for use on all Ingenico terminals. The use of the merchant cleaning kit reduces the return rate to repair centre to about 30% thereby ensuring maintenance of customer satisfaction.


  • Paper Rolls: We supply recommended quality paper rolls for all Ingenico terminals. The use of recommended paper roll reduces the rate of printer-head problems. Discounts are available for volume purchases.

The overall aim is to provide end-to-end services to the banks that have purchased the Ingenico terminals.


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