Globasure Technologies Limited: Building a culture of excellence in the E-payment industry

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Technology has proven to be of immense benefit to mankind. Over the years, it has been the major driver of innovation to service excellence in virtually every sector. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is determined to transform Nigeria into a cashless society (electronic transactions environment) and have the country reap the benefits of the undertakings.

Recently, the cashless policy initiative was launched in some states and the apex banks have made it obvious that in the coming years, the country will experience nation-wide coverage of the cashless policy. The challenge now remains to identify the leading ATMs, mobile, e-card and e-payment operating organis ations equipped with modern effective payment solutions to meet the expectation of the industry.

Who are they? What differentiates them from others?

Globasure Technologies Limited has indeed changed the landscape of payment systems and innovative solutions in this industry sector and has thus become a pivot where growth and development is involved. Ensuring a better future in electronic payment solutions in Nigeria with Globasure cannot be overemphasized.

GLOBASURE is a financial technology company with expertise in the development, deployment and implementation of holistic innovative end-to-end payment solutions, services and support to the financial and telecom sector. Globasure develops, builds, implements and maintains innovative electronic payment and card management solutions based on the latest technology software infrastructure for the new world at ATM, EFT-POS, mobile and internet technology; and with the philosophy of success through partnership, has leveraged on the collective resources of their partners to provide innovative solutions that can be implemented efficiently to achieve optimum outcomes for clients. By means of the strategic partnership with INGENICO, a French based payment company, these client services including development and deployment of Kiosks and POS terminals, staff trainings, maintenance and post-purchase services makes Globasure an electronic payment solution partner of choice.

Without an atom of doubt and considering the quality services Globasure offers, one could say that they have the leading practical solutions in electronic transactions to the matters arising in the industry in Nigeria and some parts of Africa. Being able to boast of credible solutions conceived and some already deployed for financial institutions, payment processors, retailers, service providers, mobile operators or any type of business that receives payments, Globasure, thus, is fast becoming a national leader in providing secure electronic payment solutions dedicated to quality services and standards. These solutions can help reduce cost, maximize profitability, improve client relationship as well as manage and eliminate financial fraud.

For financial institutions, the Globasure Agency Banking Solution (GABS) is a concept of expansion of branch banking services via agent acquiring network. It is supported by a high level technology network that outsources significant parts of branch banking services, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, money transfer, balance enquiring etc. via different channels such as ETF-POS terminal, electronic Kiosks, ATM, mobile and internet. GABS is suitable for the emerging countries with poor infrastructures where the cost of traditional branch establishment is high and very often not feasible. It is important to note that GABS is built to support business hierarchy with different business participants such as Banks, Financial institutions, Switches & Processors, Agents, sub-agents and customers.

GABS’ features include end-to-end functionality and multi-institution support, parameterized and configurable mile-based approach that does not care about card and account types particularly for products management, operational risk management and transaction management, flexibility, in-built work flow to reduce cost, real time position keeping, transaction management, reporting and exception handling, three-tier architecture in which the presentation layer, business logical data are separate and easy to change and so much more.

Globasure’s Agency Banking software is fully compliant with latest PADSS (payment application data security standard). These requirements for PADSS are derived from the PCI DSS (payment card industry security standard) that is established by the leading card schemes.

Today, Globasure’s client base has sky-rocketed with the integration of giant banks such as Zenith bank, GTBank, UBA, FCMB, Unity bank, Ecobank, to mention few.

Globasure’s number one bill payment network ServPoint is the leading provider of convenient payment systems and Value Added Services (VAS) to major consumer service organizations in the utility, housing, water, e-commerce, gaming and public sectors. This platform makes provision for the Globasure Electronic Voucher Distribution system (GEVDS).

This solution is designed for selling electronic vouchers and e-top Up using multiple channels as POS terminals, ATM, Mobile, Kiosks, web and finance. This distributor management system offers a superior commission structure to agents operating on the GEVDS supported products such as mobile airtime, Pay TV, Utility, Internet, lottery, betting, lotto, tickets for bus, trains, cinema, concerts, etc.

The technology platform solution run by Globasure operates on the IBM Web sphere application infrastructure, which is based on service-oriented architecture products that delivers a solid application foundation, enables intelligence management and scale to extreme transaction processing. Globasure’s dedication to IBM web sphere and implementation of the latest technologies and standards brings to the solution the capability to support bank and financial institutions of any size, to manage securely and effectively any number of cards and ultimately any volume of transactions in real time mode of operations.

Globasure is working tirelessly to drive the cashless policy for the benefit of all Nigerians, both at home and in diaspora. As Chris Ife, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Globasure Technologies Limited, rightly asserts,

“…going cashless will eventually change the way business is done in Nigeria, as the use of electronic channels for payments and subscriptions would be greatly increased. Nigerians will learn how to carry cards and use them for transactions via the various available payment channels. The management and staff of Globasure are shining examples of corporate successes due to the level paying culture of professionalism and integrity…”

The Cashless initiative is a huge project to Chris and Globasure in its entirety and they are determined to give 100% to ensure that it succeeds in Nigeria. To Chris,

“…with the right communication tools and the orientation of Nigerians, the adoption of the “cashless economy” will set in and resistance will drop…”

Globasure is contributing immensely to the cashless initiative by offering these life changing products and services that are reshaping the face of the industry and the country as a whole. With the provision of financial and banking solutions, payment solutions, bill payment, mobile recharge solutions, POS installation and support, Globasure has consistently met up to international practices and standards with a good history of integrity and professionalism. Globasure, thus, remains one of the companies to be reckoned with to give cashless Nigeria a totally new face.

Globasure is a provider of simple, smart payment solutions.

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