What a Great Relief – CBN, A visit to Globasure Technologies Limited.

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Yesterday being the 18Th of july, 2013. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Representatives paid  a visit to Globasure Technologies Limited on Certification and Licencing for payment terminal service providers(PTSP).

On his keynote welcome address,the MD/CEO of the company Mr.Chris Ife, said that under their well esteemed establish platform the company is evenly ready to provide an excellent services to the Acquire,Retailers, and Network Provides.

He said that network challenges were being tackled with new innovations.

The MD/CEO said users of the PoS terminals at places like the Ikeja City Mall had less network challenges because “they are on an Internet solution and not SIM card solution. Anywhere there are clusters, we deploy Internet connectivity or better data bandwidth, but it would only be economical where there is a cluster of people.”

“We have new innovations like roaming SIMs. That is a SIM card that can access all the five networks. If one network is bad, it automatically changes to another network.

“So, what we do is that we virtually combine all these Internet Connectivities to ensure that whatever location we have our PoS, it is working.”

Mr Chris Ife said further that “The roaming SIMs were introduced recently, let’s say late March. And most of us are still testing them; we have not fully deployed them yet,” he added.

He expressed optimism that with the new solutions, overtime, there would be significant improvement and more solutions, which would address the concerns of users of the PoS terminals.

On their own parts the CBN Representatives admitted that network challenges were the major complaints that had been made concerning the usage of the PoS terminals.

They, however, stressed that the challenges were limited to the PoS terminals that use SIM card solution.

Based on that, Mr. Chris Ife .the MD/CEO, disclose and gave an assurance that Globasure is working with the telecommunication companies to ensure that they improved their networks, adding that already, the telcos were signing different network upgrade deals to enable them rectify the problem.

“We are going back to them, we are talking with the telcos. In fact, as we speak, we are doing door-to-door visits to all the malls and PoS merchants; we are talking to them one-on-one to be able to discuss with them again the nature of their problems and provide solutions to them,”  Said Mr Chris..

On their own contributions, Mr Okpaireh Ehikioya, The POS Deployment & Support Manager,Mr Femi Aderanti,Inhouse support/ TAMSA oversight of the company Globasure, said that; Apart from the telecoms service providers,“We have the conviction that the successful adoption of POS terminals is dependent on the readiness of stakeholders to discharge their individual and dependent functions effectively and we strongly believe that the enhancement of POS adoption relies on high POS availability and connectivity.”  A lot of Nigerians are more willing to bring their cards to use. You will be surprised to know that in Lekki, people still prefer to bring cash, but in Ikeja, they prefer cards. You will find that in most locations, people freely bring cards, knowing that it is not like before when many outlets didn’t have PoS machines or they (customers) won’t have a good experience.

Finally, the MD concludes by given an assurance that Globasure will not disappoint in her mission of being Reliable, Innovative, Flexible,Responsive and Trustworthy. “The failures in transactions are reducing. Challenges are there, but we are improving every day because we are out there in the market with them (users) and we are working closely with everybody.” He said.

With these  Remarks, The CBN representatives shows optimism and declare an awesome Relief to the Challenges bestowing The cashless policy, All must support the cashless Nigeria without which “The cashless society, then, seems to be a far distant vision.  It is only a few years closer to fulfilment than when first expounded A year ago”.

Thanks to Globasure Technologies Limited,The cashless society, then, seems to be a far distant vision.  It is only a few years closer to fulfillment than when first expounded many years ago.

Thanks to Globasure Technologies Limited “what a great relief” they added.


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