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Chris Ife

Chris Ife – MD/CEO

Globasure  introduction of Point of Sale e-payment terminals has definitely usher in an era of cashless transactions along with its numerous attendant benefits in Nigeria’s Cashless Policy or Cash-lites.

It is no longer a fact that Globasure Technologies Limited, Nigeria’s a financial technology and end-to-end payment Solutions Company has introduced a new bill payment platform that aims to increase productivity and overall performance in the bill payment channels in Nigeria via ServPoint. Run and deploy the best quality Pos  terminals, that encourage  clients,  Banks, and payment industry to always insists on their Pos for their businesses and bank transactions.

The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Ife, while commenting on this recently, noted that though Nigerians had embraced the usage of e-payment system with the introduction of ATM services, the ultimate aim was the adoption of the usage of PoS transactions, which reduces the handling of cash.

The PoS terminal is a computerised substitute for a cash register, and is much more composite than the cash registers of even just a few years ago in developed economy. The PoS system can include the ability to record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards, connect to other systems in a network, and manage inventory.

On the whole, the Globasure ingenico PoS terminal has as its core, the Telium platrform, which provides security  with application-specific programmes and I/O devices for the particular environment in which it will serve.  The PoS system for a restaurant, for instance, is likely to have all menu items stored in a database that can be queried for information in a number of ways. PoS terminals can be used in most industries that have a point of sale, such as a service desk, restaurants, lodging houses, entertainment centres, and museums.

Increasingly,Globasure ingenico PoS terminals are also web-enabled, which makes remote training and operation possible, as well as inventory tracking across geographically-dispersed locations. There are two main types of systems: for retail stores; and for the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants.

For example the benefits of the systems include: Accuracy: Scanning is more accurate than punching in numbers from a sticker, or expecting the cashier to remember what each item costs. This platform is also designed for selling electronic vouchers and e-top Up using multiple channels as POS terminals, ATM, Mobile, Kiosks, web and finance. This distributor management system offers a superior commission structure to agents operating on the GEVDS supported products such as mobile airtime, Pay TV, Utility, Internet, lottery, betting, lotto, tickets for bus, trains, cinema, concerts, etc.

From Analysis: Globasure ingenico  PoS systems let you manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyse sales patterns. The system is, at heart, a cash register, but because it is based on a personal computer, it opens up a new world of data about your business. The terminal can be networked to other terminals, and to a server in the back room or at another location. It can be expanded with handheld devices wirelessly linked to the main system. It can be used to fast track a number of operations and be customised to suit the needs of customers.

Globasure’s number one bill payment network ServPoint is the leading provider of convenient payment systems and Value Added Services (VAS) to major consumer service organizations in the utility, housing, water, e-commerce, gaming and public sectors. This platform makes provision for the Globasure Electronic Voucher Distribution system (GEVDS).

Interestingly, The technology platform solution run by Globasure operates on the IBM Web sphere application infrastructure, which is based on service-oriented architecture products that delivers a solid application foundation, enables intelligence management and scale to extreme transaction processing. Globasure’s dedication to IBM web sphere and implementation of the latest technologies and standards brings to the solution the capability to support bank and financial institutions of any size, to manage securely and effectively any number of cards and ultimately any volume of transactions in real time mode of operations.



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    • dahood muhammed
    • February 24, 2015

    I bought one of this Terminer from your company since last year july, but it performs only one function since then which is recharge card printing and you called it malt functional. Before I bought it, I saw an advert that it performs several functions like recharge card printing, bill pay, accept ATM card for payment of commodity and others. What response do you have form me on this? Thanks

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