Agency Banking Coming of Age Worldwide

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Agency banking seems to be making an impact in the global market, with Brazil leading the way in this particular banking initiative.  A banking agent is a retail or postal outlet contracted by a financial institution or a mobile network operator to process clients’ transactions. Rather than a branch teller, it is the owner or an employee of the retail outlet who conducts the transaction and lets clients deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds, pay their bills, inquire about an account balance, or receive government benefits or a direct deposit from their employer. Banking agents can be pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, lottery outlets, post offices, and many more.

Banks around the world, especially in South America and Africa, are now beginning to see the benefits of Agency bank which can be used to reach the unbanked population and is much cheaper to startup when compared to setting up a bank branch. Banking agents help financial institutions to divert existing customers from crowded branches providing a “complementary”, often more convenient channel.

In order to meet this growing need for Agency Banking, Globasure is introducing its own Agency Banking solution to Nigeria.

The Globasure  Agency  Banking Solution  (GABS)  enables  expansion  and  the availability of banking services by using modern  channels  and devices, without major  investments in infrastructure  and  manpower. Implementation of GABS technology enables  Financial institutions  to involve Agents to operate on their behalf, retaining  full insight, control  and  accountability  of its business. Agents become  an extended arm of Financial institutions that participate  equally in the provision of services to end-users.

GABS is supported by the high level technology that outsources significant part of branch  banking services, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit, money transfer, balance enquiry etc. via different channels, such as: EFT-POS terminals, electronic kiosks, ATMs, mobile and internet. It is suitable for the emerging countries with poor infrastructure where the cost of traditional branch establishment is high and very often not feasible.

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