Globasure to Release Online Payment Solution For Jumia & Konga

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This year is showing great promise for Globasure in regards to online payments. Globasure is currently working with the two biggest e-commerce companies in Nigeria, and to deploy an online payment solution which will enable the capture of real-time sales information when a customer makes a cash or card payment on delivery of the items.

The solution works via a POS terminal. The delivery agent will hand over the goods to the customers, the customers then pays with either cash or card, the application on the POS terminal will be preconfigured to capture order number, product details and sales information which will then be communicated back to the back-end server in real time. The great benefit of this solution is the efficiency it brings to invoicing, account reconciliation and business intelligence for an e-commerce company.

The POS terminals will also be setup with Globasure’s Smart Roaming SIMs which will ensure 99.9% GPRS connectivity, eliminating the threat of network failure.

Globasure’s online payment solution can be implemented through a number of channels such as POS, Mobile, Web, KIOSK etc. The solution is highly robust and customizable; making it fit the needs of any e-commerce company in Nigeria.

Globasure is a provider of simple, smart payment solutions.

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