GTBank Fast Track Banking – Revolutionizing Banking Service Delivery

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As part of efforts to continually reposition its services for enhanced and efficient customer service delivery, Guaranty Trust Bank  introduced some years ago, an exclusive in-branch banking service for all its customers called ‘FASTTRACK’.

GTB Fast trackThe FastTrack service from GTBank, which is the first of its kind to be implemented in the Nigerian Banking industry, is a fast, secure, innovative in-branch banking service exclusive to GTBank customers that allows them perform all cash based banking transactions with only their debit cards and the PIN-PADS, a new, secure technology available in all GTBank branches. The service has been described as convenient, secure and efficient.

The FastTrack service has been revolutionalizing its service delivery by significantly reducing turn-around time for walk-in customers who wish to conduct cash based deposits and withdrawals. The PIN-PADS have been implemented to ensure seamless operations of the Fast track service and is exclusive only to GTBank account and Naira MasterCard holders.

How to use GTBank FastTrack
To utilize the FastTrack service, any GTBank customer can simply walk into the nearest GTBank branch with a Naira MasterCard and perform a cash deposit or withdrawal using the PIN-Pad.

What is a PIN Pad?
The PIN pad is a portable electronic device with a card reader used for processing card transactions.

Features and Benefits

The PIN pad can be used conveniently between the hours of 8am and 4pm daily in our branches to deposit and withdraw cash or check account balances
It is portable and easy to use
It is safe and secure because it only accepts the GTBank Naira MasterCard which uses Chip and PIN technology.
Transaction process time is reduced significantly because authenticity of each transaction is confirmed by the customer’s debit card and 4-digit PIN.

How to use the PIN pad to make withdrawals

Insert your Naira MasterCard into the PIN pad
Enter amount
Enter your 4-digit PIN
Confirm account to withdraw from
Collect and confirm cash from the teller
Collect receipt from the teller

How to use the PIN pad to make cash deposits

Insert your Naira MasterCard into the PIN pad
Enter amount to deposit
Confirm account to deposit into
Give teller cash
Collect receipt from the teller

This Fast track solution is built and supported by Globasure using the Ingenico IPP350.

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